Get a signed URL for accessing a HLS playlist directly

This endpoint is useful when trying to integrate Dacast contents in platforms that do not support our web video player (iOS, Xamarin, Flutter, etc). HLS is widely supported on all popular platforms, so you should be able to give the playback URL to a video player library on your chosen platform and have it work.


Playback urls from this API expire

To ensure your content is secure, the generated URLs from this endpoint expire a few minutes after being generated. Once the playback has started you do not need to re-generate an URL every few minutes, but you do need to start the playback within the URL's validity period.
This means the correct way to use this endpoint is to call it before every playback session and start the playback right away.

To generate a playback URL that does not expire (unsecure), you can use the GET /v2/channel/{id} endpoint of the API

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