Renditions deletion ♻️

It is now possible to delete renditions of your videos directly from the API!


HLS Channel Creation 📹

It is now possible to create HLS Channels directly from the API!

Subtitles API is out! 🎉

The VOD API now supports subtitle management, which means that you can get, add and remove all your translations from the API.

VOD To Live is now supported 📼

The Dacast API now supports VOD to Live. This means you can, at any moment, decide to upload a VOD to your Dacast account or use an existing one, and broadcast it live as if you were streaming the content.


Folder analytics is out

It's now possible to get the player statistics and data consumption per folder through an API call 📁
A new resource_type "folder" has been added to both analytics calls.


Stream creation & analytics API updates 🎉

This update comes with two new parameters allowed on two different routes. The first is allowing you to decide what channel type to use when creating a new live stream with the API, and the second is allowing you to fetch analytics with your current timezone to shift the results according to your needs.


Ads API is out

The API now supports ads management for your Dacast accounts 🎉


Folders API is out

The API now supports the Folder edition for your Dacast accounts