Why Should I Use It?

Dacast Video Content Management API has been specifically designed for quick and easy integration of content management features of the Dacast platform into a wide variety of cloud video applications, services, and digital media workflows.

Dacast API

⚡ Dacast is an easy-to-use Online Video Platform. We allow you to broadcast and monetize your live events and video-on-demand content.
Dacast provides a video and player API that allows you to easily and quickly integrate video services into your business, enrich your apps with video content, or build your own video CMS. The Dacast API offers a suite of full content management and video analytics tools.

⚡ Build video and livestreaming features into your website or app and brand those features as your own. Offer customers access to host video content on your site and provide a platform for your users to livestream at scale, leveraging a world-leading platform with the backing of enterprise-grade CDNs.

⚡ Our video content management API has been specifically designed for quick and easy integration of Dacast’s features into a wide variety of cloud video applications. As a JSON RESTful API, it can be easily accessed from any suitable server using any programming language.

⚡ Customize Dacast’s default player or use your own player. We do recommend using Dacast’s player to access all our features. Our player is backed by THEOPlayer, who is a world-leading video player developer.
The Player API offers a full suite of easy-to-use control functionality that allows you to interact with the player programmatically (start/stop/pause/seek/control volume etc.).
Interact directly with the THEOPlayer itself via the player API and take even more control over the player

⚡ Our player also comes with wrapper code in Swift and Java native languages to enable easy integration of video players in both iOS and Android apps, allowing you to build mobile video apps easily using our services.

⚡ Benefit from advanced event listeners to allow you to be notified of interactions and milestones and record these in your own analytics suite.