Common Issues

Common issues could be:

  • Submitting API requests from the browser/client side: we disallow cross-origin requests to our API for security reasons, as making API calls on the client side exposes not only your API key to the end-user but also the request and response headers that could potentially allow bad actors to compromise your account. This means that you cannot submit requests to our API from your website on the client-side. You must make API requests on the server-side, and return the data needed from your server down to the client.
  • Error: error getting vod list/channel list/playlist list etc: if you see an error like this, please check that you have the X-Format: default header included in your request.
  • If you receive a 400 level error, please check the page on Error codes and what they mean here.
  • If you receive a 500 level error, please retry the request after a few moments and if you still receive a 500 level error, then submit a ticket per the below guidelines.


Submitting tickets for issues you cannot resolve:

  • Please always include the email address of the account owner (the address they use to log in) so we can locate your account.
  • Please include the full non-redacted request headers and request body that is causing the failure to happen.
  • Include also the response headers and body.
  • Please indicate what your expected result is, and what the actual outcome was.
  • Please give a little context to what your goals are with the request.
  • Send your request to [email protected] and one of our support team will come back to you to further diagnose and resolve your issue.